Harley Street Internet and Media Services has a qualified team of PHP web development professionals that will work on your special requirements for your project. Our attention to detail leads to the creation of desired quality product.

Our developed systems can be used with many interactive database management systems. Whether you want an e-commerce platform, Online Healthcare Healthcare Business applications, cooperative networking systems, content management system or a complete back-end system for data management then we have the customized PHP programming and services that will make that happen for your Healthcare Healthcare Business.

We can deliver the most proficient solutions possible for your Healthcare Healthcare Business through PHP web application development. We have dedicated PHP programmers who are experienced in working with Open Source software integration with a number of operating systems (Windows, Linux etc.), Middleware (Oracle, DB2, WebSphere, Bea etc.) to build a customized solution for your Healthcare Healthcare Business. We offer a full range of Open Source development services including relocation of current systems to open frameworks and custom Open Source-based development.

PHP Technology Features:

Shopping Carts
Product Catalogues
Forum and Bulletin Boards
Content Management System
Membership Websites
Lead Management System
Directory and Classifieds
Enterprise Systems
Ecommerce Portals
Events Calendar
Dynamic Image Manipulation
Open Source Development

The professionals working at Harley Street Internet and Media Services are very much aware of all the concepts that open source development entails with it. We completely understand that open source does not only refer to a particular mode of creation, development and maintenance of a technology. We consider it to be a revolution that will soon take into its span almost all the areas of human activity.

In the domain of technology and management nobody understands the modus operandi of open source development services better than we do. We are well aware of the ethics behind the concept of open source philosophy and are quite adept in providing our clients with all the necessary inputs and working methodologies that are required in working with open source technologies.
Open Source Technologies
PHP Development

In the competitive web technology world, PHP provide the highly cost effective, rapid web application development environment to develop rage…
CakePHP Development

We use Cake PHP for developing stable and scalable applications in lesser project durations. Cake PHP supports MVC architecture which helps the developer.
Joomla Web Development
Joomal is the most powerful content management system around the word. This is open source CMS system helping the user to make their online presence…
Magento Development
The Magento Ecommerce combines the flexibility to upgrade or customize exactly as per your Healthcare Business needs with industry leading features to provide merchants.
WordPress Development
Blog is the most widely used and important solution to make the website interactive and informative. Blog application helps website and website ower to convey…
Drupal Development
Drupal CMS is an open-source web development application and content management system for building dynamic websites offering a broad range of features.
Zend Framework
Zend Framework is a simple, straightforward, object oriented, open-source software framework. Zend framework widen the PHP/MYSQL web application by providing the simplicity.
Moodle E-Learning Website Development
Create personalized learning environments for learners and instructors saving time and cost virtually with customized and interactive Moodle e-learning web development.
X-Cart Development
X- Cart carries the moniker, “the art of e-commerce” as its tagline and as a virtual mission statement for how the software should work. Beyond some aesthetic changes.
osCommerce Development
osCommerce is the most powerful and reliable open source shopping cart solution on the web. osCommerce is the first and most powerful free shopping cart solution on the internet.

PHPBB Customization
PHPBB – One of leading web enabled community application specifically design for rapid the knowledge share by the same natured people worldwide. Again it is absolutely free forum.
PHPNuke Customization
PHP-Nuke is content management system (CMS) based on a scripting language PHP. The main advantage of PHP-Nuke is flexibility and simplicity of its use and configuration.
VirtueMart Development
Features that VirtueMart offers are quite large in number. Also you can work with VirtueMart and Joomla the way you wish to by using modules, templates and other components
Zen Cart Development

Zen Cart carries the moniker, “the art of e-commerce” as its tagline and as a virtual mission statement for how the software should work. GUI/HTML
Harley Street Internet and Media Services combines the power of high powered GUI designs, along with light weight HTML coding which gives a powerful impact to a Heathcare Business website that loads fast and gets the customers attention.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) design
We generate the prototype for the Heathcare Business website over the Graphical User Interface (GUI) design which made to completely absorb the user into its intricate system. It is planned in such a manner that even a novice user is able to go through the system, and gather the differences between your products in a limited span of time.

This is the model that we use to develop a pleasing graphical user interface designs to maximize profits by increased customer satisfaction. When you see a pleasing and practical graphical setting, it not only enhances user experience but virtually instantly makes positive first experience for the prospective clients. The technology used in the development process alone will not win over the user recognition and market authority.

The most important aspect is the User Experience, and this remains the primary focus of our development process. We bridge the gap between GUI design and the Heathcare Business needs with the methodical and technical methods by our young and knowledgeable team of programmers. No matter, it is scripts, tools or a full blown web application; we are there to help you with the idyllic GUI solution that allows your software idea come to life.

HTML5 Development
HTML 5 is the latest version of the oldest programming languages in the world. This is the light weight medium that can make any design possible in the world beginning from a basic web building architecture to the finest web applications that can be found over the internet.

We have team of trained HTML5 Developers that have gained the expertise over the years to serve you the best skills in the industry. They are technologically sound which empowers them to create immaculate websites that match all the industry standards in the world. With the technology upgrades in the industry, our developers continue to improve their skills and knowledge for delivering the best website development services in the world.

Our HTML 5 services also includes making your website compatible with iPhone, iPad, Google Android Devices, and Windows Mobile Phones Platforms so people can easily access your content over the hand held devices. There are many Heathcare Businesses in the world that have recognized the growth potential in this domain, and they specifically ask the development team to make their website optimized for handheld platforms.

HTML5 development team takes all the factors into consideration like screen orientation, screen size, PPI, touch interface and mobile hardware into consideration to create a mobile optimized web content.

HTML5 expertise includes:

HTML5 Web Design and Development
HTML5 Application Development
HTML5 iPhone Apps Development
HTML5 iPad Apps Development
HTML5 Andriod Apps Development
NET Development
Harley Street Internet and Media Services has the qualified .NET Development team that will help deliver a flexible solution that will fit right in with your own project’s architecture framework.

Basically .NET Framework is the development and execution environment that give the flexibility to most of the programming languages & libraries to work as a group seamlessly for creating desktop / Windows platform, Web or Mobile applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy with stand-alone and networking based applications. The .NET Framework consists of The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Framework Class Libraries (FCL). Visual Studio is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating programs in one of many languages.

We can provide you following professional asp.net application development:
Content Management System (CMS)
Ad Management ASP.NET application development
MS-SQL and ASP.NET Custom Web Application Development
Email List Managers ASP.NET Web Application Development
File Management ASP.NET & MS-SQL Application Development
Guest Book ASP.NET Web Application Development
Custom Website Development in ASP.NET & MS-SQL
Directory Web Application Development in ASP.NET
E-Commerce Web Application Development in ASP.NET
User Management Web Application Development in ASP.NET
Vote & Questionnaire ASP.NET Web Application Development
Custom Web Utilities Development in ASP.NET
Super Secure ASP.NET Web Application Development
Mobile Web Application Development
XML Web Application Development in ASP.NET
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Web Application Development in ASP.NET
Web Services based Application Development
SOAP based scalable application development
Our ASP.Net software development services
Languages: VB .NET, Microsoft VC++, C#, VBA
Web Technologies: XHTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, VB Script, JavaScript, ASP.Net, Internet Information Server (IIS)
Databases: MS-SQL Server 7.0, MS-SQL Server 2000, MS-SQL 2005, MS Access, MySQL
Medical Mobile Application Development
The world-of-technology is advancing towards touch-revolution. Harley Street Internet and Media Services with its expert onshore and offshore iOS programmers develops Medical Mobile applications that cater entire Healthcare Business verticals.

The present day work environment is no more operating out of a single central point. Rather it’s a one that is highly decentralized and sweepingly Medical Mobile. You need to get the fastest transmission of knowledge and data and thus it is imperative to hop onto the bandwagon of Medical Mobile application technology. The sooner you do it the better for you.

Harley Street Internet and Media Services Medical Mobile Application Development Services Include:
Healthcare Business software and solutions for iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and WM. Productivity app, utilities and solutions.
Games and multimedia app.
Medical Mobile client software.
And other iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Medical Mobile solutions which will bring boost to your Healthcare Business. Porting web applications to Medical Mobile platform.

Internet App
Medical Mobile TechnologiesExpertise

iPhone iPad Android Windows
Why so much about Medical Mobile application technology?
Well, the scientists, researchers and scholars are not going to stop doing what they are good at-bombard us with the latest and the newest technologies. Technologies that are incredible and mind blowing yet only the next rung of the ladder that is only revealing what it wants us to see. Medical Mobile application technology has already begun to carve a niche for itself, the other factors like breakthroughs in user ideas and experiences is only going to be more demanding. Well, the result- An explosive entry into an era that would change the very basis of the way we work, we entertain, our consumptions, our Healthcare Businesses and most importantly our social behaviour.

If you are still in a quandary, then read further.
The new Medical Mobile application technologies shifting the goalposts and raising the bar but yet to be unleashed are:
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
This technology is going to be the backbone technology enabling Medical Mobile e-Healthcare Business, and Medical Mobile payment. Action Awareness

An action recognition technology responding to the body movements of the user through pre-set technological operations. Enhance the user experience by catching movements like finger clicking, head shaking, and arm circling and many others.
Multi-Touch Technology

As opposed to the single touch technology, this new dimension would provide the user to carry out simultaneous operations with multiple fingers, and even with multiple users.
Medical Mobile Browser
Browsing on the Medical Mobile has to be the same if not better as compared to the desktop PCs. The merging of internet with the Medical Mobile is not an easy job. Apple knew it, they came up with Safari browser, and Microsoft knew it and the result was Deep fish. Finger Print Identification
This Medical Mobile application technology mitigates concerns like security, privacy, and confirmed identity.